i am trying to buy some jets for my ttr125 from the thumpertalk store.. i don't know the name of the carb though.. i know its mikuni, but is it tm, vm.... what model


do you have your manual you can look it up in there or it might say on the carb or the sticker by the handlebars on the frame but im not sure!! what years is it i have a 03' and i can look in my book for u if its the same year

ive looked everywhere.. everything.. all it says on the carb is mikuni and it dosn't even mention that in the book.. its an 04 but theyve never changed anything on these bikes :)

Why do you need new jets? Stock the bike is jetted great.......

not for where i am.. plus i found a place where people are buying 17.5 pilot, with 110 mainjet for 15-20 bucks.. cant tell you though. im going to buy some and sell them for prophet :)

Why do you need new jets? Stock the bike is jetted great.......

Yes, and it has wonderful suspension too. :)

Here are the part numbers for all jets for the TTR 125. Was Posted in another credit is not given to me, but to Donkey in the the great thread " TTR125 Tech Tips, Mods, Questions/Answers, & Carb Jet Understanding." Many suggestions about mods for your TTR. VERY HELPFUL!!! :):)

Large round type Mikuni main jets (N100.604)

107.5 TT part #MK-183

110.0 TT part #MK-184

112.5 TT part #MK-185

115.0 TT part #MK-186

117.5 TT part #MK-187

120.0 TT part #MK-188

VM28/486 Pilot Jets

17.5 TT part #MK-031

20.0 TT part #MK-032

Take the jets out of your carb and there is a stamp of what jet # you have on it. You can match it up with one from the TT store and decide what size you want to go. :)

Why do you need new jets? Stock the bike is jetted great.......

You're joking right?

Or are you smoking? :)


Our bike wouldn't even run when it came out of the box until I adjusted the fuel screw. Then it ran, but was so lean it popped on decel and starved for gas up top...

And that was in the middle of summer too.

Once the jets were changed it has been running great.

I guess every bike is different. Most if not all of these bikes are way too lean from the factory and need to be rejetted. Maybe you just got lucky. :)

Yeah mine popped a little on the top so I adjusted it, but after that it ran great. But to tell the truth I was looking at getting some jets, so not to discourage you I would go for it......

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