checking oil

do you guys only check the engine oil before every ride, or do you check engine and transmission? and how long do you guys normally wait to see the transmission oil come out of the hole? and yes, i remove the filler cap, it just seems to take a long time!

and on this tranny drain bolt, do you guys replace the sealing washer?

We check the engine oil and tranny oil before every ride. And sometimes we'll pull over during a race and check it also...just kidding. :) We don't replace the washer every fact we've never replaced the washer, but it'd probably be a good idea to have a couple of extras handy in case they need replaced. Washers for all the drains and tranny check bolt. Thanks for bringing that up, I'll put those washers on my "need" list. Be careful to not over tighten the plugs/bolt.

I check and add engine oil prior to every ride. I have never heard of a Honda burning tranny oil so there is no need to check it, not that other bikes burn tranny oil but other bikes don't have 2 seperate locations for tranny and engine oil.

I check my engine oil before every ride ,and my tranny oil every second,third ride, never touch the tranny refill plug just undo the drain plug untill it drips out which is always straight away,never replaced a washer yet,never had to top the tranny up at all yet, but the engine once in a while,just to keep on top of it as it dosent carry much.

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