Car Jump

Thats intense. I bet hes dead.

holy crap. I cant decide whether thats funny or not.

I Dont Think It Real Do Ya Think

I Dont Think It Real Do Ya Think

Totally fake. :)

FAKE, looks like he got teleported at the end.

I will have to say, photoshop is gettting better by the day. But that is still fake.

its fake

The Jump is real :)

I liked Sydney Moon much better.

Fake but kinda funny :)

I liked Sydney Moon much better.

My favorite is flash #1, that girl is beautiful. Keep on ridin'. :):)

i like the flashes better

Thats Is Sssoooo Fake But Its Pretty Kool To Watch Not To Be In

that made me laugh... fake or real i laughed... :)

The sound of him hitting was not loud enough and he would have crash through windshield creating noiise.

Him getting hit didn't look real to me. But pretty cool watching him jump the car

Fake :):)

The white car is real it bounced like any car would if you have a 150 pound person jump on the hood.

i thought it was sure the white car was prob. one of his friends,and the blue car didnt hit him

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