Re-anodizing rims?

I have a set of blue Excel rims on my WR250 and was wondering if I can have them re-done in black.

Well I dont see why you cant have them redone. You need to take out all spokes and nipples, along with the hub first though. Also remember that you will loose your lettering because of the anodizing.

You can re-anodized them. They will be stripped then anodized the color you want them. Make sure all the steel is off the wheel, i.e. spokes, bearings, sprockets, etc.

The lettering will be covered but you do have option(s) to get it back or whatever lettering you want on there.

1) Laser engraving or machine engrave back on the wheel after anodizing you will be left with bare aluminum color as your letters.

2) If the bare aluminum is not what you want, try what we do. It's a paint stick available thru or McMaster-Carr and paint the engraved area whatever color you want then wipe away the excess with mineral oil.

3) have lots of money to waste---get someone to silkscreen the letters on.

make sure wheels are real clean before you send them off (or telll them to) , or they might etch the wheels to long trying to clean them and could ruin a perfectly good wheel.

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