I bought an '05 DRZ125 L for my 14 year old - He's new to riding - but I can see he's getting used to it. The problem is that the bike seems to be geared "too high" - it has no low end punch at all - seems like it takes a long time to get it moving to 2nd gear (slow) - Of course I knew going in it was no MX'r - but what would you do to step in up a notch - rejet/exhaust/air box etc - ?

Thx for any responses.


I would put an exhaust on it. It will really wake the bike up. I have a BBR exhaust on mine. They give you a size 105 main jet with the pipe, so use that. Then I would also cut out the top of the air box for more air flow. Then get an aftermarket air filter. That should really improve the bikes performance!

Why not start off by changing the gearing drop 1 tooth inthe front or go up 4-7 teeth in the back. Its less money and will make a difference.

In my opinion i think the bike is geared for too much torque less than speed. Well just my opinion. If u want more punch cut out the top of the air box. Get a Twin-air filter. If u want easier starting and ur near sea level change the pilot to 20. If u dont got a pipe dont really worry about changing the main. U could shim the needle though. And cut the baffle off with a grinder. Sounds the same just no spark arrestor baffle.

the bike is WAY louder!!!!!!!! MAN IT SOUNDS LIKE A DAMN BIG BIKE! i cut the baffel as big as possible, than cut a circular piece of screen so its half way safe, i didnt notice a differance in power loos or sound witht he screen! also if u dont wna tthe bike to sound loud than just cut the little spark arestor off ita alittle louder. alos u might look in to the bbr pipe!! big differance.

shim the needle -

how is that done - what exactly is 'shimming the needle'

Iv'e got one DRZ with just BBR pipe and jetting. The other has a Powroll 143cc Kit, mild cam, jetting and loud T-4 pipe. They feel like different bikes. Sometime you can spend big $$$ on mods and only notice a little difference. This set up offers a huge, huge difference, especially in bottom end.

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