How Fast Was I Going?

As posted in the southwest forum I finally got out to the desert with my 02 DRZ 400E and was able to ride pinned in top gear, WHAT A BLAST!!!! Its stock other than an E-series exhaust, JD jet kit, and down one tooth on the front ,oh, and reworked suspension. Front end wobbled all over the place in the soft sections, WHAT A RUSH!! My question is how fast was i going (approximately of course)? It felt like two hundred at first. My guess is around 80 mph Thanks Mike in Modesto

dont know, but i would guess a little more, around 90. My trailtech has said 98mph before, but i doubt they are at all reliable. I know its enough to scare ya!!!

Ya greg it was very enlightening experience, Ive logged a lot of track and trail miles on this bike but at places like hollister and carnegie you cant "open er up". The dirt road we were on was about a five degree downhill and was at terminal velocity for about a minute straight until I ran into four inch soft sand causing the front end to go into the shakes and I quickly figured out NOT to abruptly let off the throttle and let the front dig into the sand, rather lean back and let it go through. I dont now how fast it was but I know it was faster than my son on his crf250, because i was eating him up right before my near high side. woohoo. Mike in Modesto

what gearing?

Stock rear and one tooth smaller on the front, Id have to count if this isnt enough info. Too many bikes to remember. Let me know if I need to burned. thanks Mike in Modesto

13/47 is good to 80mph or so.

Thanks burned, thats about what I figured, sure felt faster though. :) Mike in Modesto

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