TTR250 Override neutral starter

Anyone know how I can make my TT250 starter work while in gear?

I know that this doesn't really help you, but mine will start in gear as long as I have the clutch in...I know that it's not supposed to do this...especially since I just got my 2005 a few weeks ago.


Actually I think it is supposed to start in gear as long as the clutch is pulled in. My '05 TT-R250 will start in gear with the clutch pulled in (great when you stall on the trail...)

Mine does the same thing. I pull in the clutch and hit the she goes :)

I wish my 2000 would start with the clutch pulled but it's not the case. Glad to hear Yamaha has corrected this.


Since you don't have that option, there is a neutral safety ground wire which prevents you from starting the bike in gear with out the clutch. It is located under the shifter by the case. May be if you disconnect it that will allow you to start the bike in gear with the clutch pulled in. Just a thought. Or it could be it's not connected and it needs to be.

I just bypassed mine. I bought a bike that had been stolen so when I replaced the wire harness I discovered my handlebar switch was mangled.

Here is how I did it...There are two wires that run to the clutch perch. They plug into a black plastic switch. You can do one of two things. You can unplug the switch from the wire harness under the tank and make a connector to plug the two wires what I did on my sons TTR125 and just push the plastic tab in on the underside of the perch. The switch will be able to be pulled free from the perch. With this switch unplugged you won't need to pull in the clutch anymore.

These bikes were designed so you can start them in neutral OR in gear with the clutch pulled in.

You Should See Two Wiers Coming Off Your Clutch Lever Perch

Sorry Thats Wires

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