02 WR 426 Fork Seals Leaking Badly

Has anybody else had a problem with your fork seals on your Yamaha's I just put new fork seals in my bike because the old ones started leaking.Before they started leaking the first time.I changed springs to factory connection put in the measured amount Endso then the DAMN things started to leak.So I put new Seals in last week road it two times this weekend looked down at my new seal savers I put on an they both were soaked with Endso fork oil.How do I keep them from leakin HELP PLEASE Thanks in advance. Jeff :)

I'm a newbie when it comes to this, but I think someone recommended using honda seals of the same size.....I think that's what it was.


I would bet you have a nick in your fork tube that is cutting the seals. By the way, seal savers dont do much but trap dirt and sand unless you clean out behind them constantly. I would dump the seal savers, pull your fork guards, and check your tubes CLOSELY.

In Addition To Motox125, If You Are Replacing Your Own Fork Seals There Is A Recessed Area In The Fork Tube That Houses The Inner Slider, If You Are Installing Your New Fork Seal W/out That Slider In Place ,that Lip Can Be Quite Sharp And Tear The Seal .use A Piece Of 6mil Plastic Or Sandwich Bag Doubled Up To Jump The Gap.

I agree, you may have nicked the new fork seals. It's way easy to do when you first slide the new seal over the bushing recess. You can use masking tape over the sharp edges and grease the inside of the seals before you slide them down over the fork legs. It's worth the extra few mins with grease and tape. Super clean parts going back together also helps eliminate any crud. Polishing the fork tubes also might help if they have any dull spots.

If you need some help, give us a call.

Good Luck, KaBooM

Thanks everybody for the reply's I did grease the ends before I put them in but maybe I did nic them oh well I am taking them to a personal friend who is an AWESOME motorcycle mechanic so he is going to help me fix them.So hopefully I can figure out the best way to do this job.Thanks again everyone. Jeff :):)

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