What is the redline mark of your bike?

Just wanted to know what bike you run and if you know the redline mark of it? I guess knowing your redline could mean saving your motor and making it last for a long, long time. It's just unheard of when I saw the rev limit of a YZ250f at 13,000 rpm .. how are the Husqvarnas in comparison to the Yamaha Japanese counterpart?

the same, TE250 goes to 13k rpm. Designed to do so and not really noticeable.

All the spiffy 4 strokes take more fine tuning than the old stuff did, but what a difference. You want longevity, how about my 82 430 Husq that was just gone thru for the first time. All it needed was a fresh 4th gear and seals. Rings good, no bore needed, etc. I ride it a dozen weekends a yr or so. :)

cool, cool..

Now anyone ride a TC 450 / TE450 / TC570 / TE570 ?

I know the bigger the powerplant the rpms go down quite a bit..

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