WR250f vs YZ250f

A friend just bought a WR250 and we did a taste test comparison to my YZ. The only modification that he has done was to remove the exhaust baffle. The bike felt anemic compared to my YZ. Once he does all of the modifications and installs a YZ exhaust, how will it then compare to the YZ?

pretty damn close, after all they are basicly the same exact bike

If all he did was remove the baffle.... MODIFY THE THROTTLE SCREW. He's only running about 3/4 max throttle with the stock screw in there.

Whats the reliablity of the yzf vs. wr? like the time between rebiulds and valves and springs and cams. :)

Whats the reliablity of the yzf vs. wr? like the time between rebiulds and valves and springs and cams. :)

besides the exhaust timing difference, the wrf and yzf share the exact same engine, and the design of the transmission is the same. the wrf has a few extras hanging off of it, namely an electric starting system.

what i'm trying to get at is that the upkeep and so forth is pretty much the same on both bikes.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Isn't the suspension different between the two of them?

The WR suspension is softer at both ends. Get it (TRAIL)! They are very close in the engine department, especially once the WR is uncorked. Other than the engine, there are some pretty big differences. The WR transmition is spaced wider for a higher top speed. That means that it has a little hesitation to get the rear wheel spinning then the throttle is hammered, because the bike can bog easily with such wide gears. The WR is also about 25 pounds heavier than the YZ and you can easily feel it. The YZ's tank is about .4 gallons smaller, so your range is shorter, but that can easily be changed. Many people say that it is easier to make a WR into a YZ than it is to make a YZ into a WR. But I say it is easier to make a YZ into a WR. The YZ can have everything the WR has except e-start. The WR can't have the weight, suspension, or just overall cool factor the YZ has. I will admit, that is cheaper to make a WR into a YZ, but that is just sacrificing too much to be considered a good deal to me.

Isn't the suspension different between the two of them?

Yep the suspensions are toatally different and built for doing different types of riding, the yz is made for the track and jumps while the wr is built for the trails.

i've been thinking about it in the back of my head occasionally. Once the 06's come out, I've been thinking whether to get the yz250f or wr250. I like the light and soft suspension, but i really want a LIGHT bike after riding my xr250. Plus, can't you just make the suspension softer for trails by doing it yourself?

if i rode mainly trails i would still rather have the yz for the woods but thats my opinion

The suspensions are EXACTLY the same but with different settings, they are adjustable you know. Especially in 05' with the 48mm front tubes.

Can we easely put a kick stand on a YZ?

I took the kickstands off of my EXC's and would take one off of a WR. If you have never been tossed because your kickstand decided to drop down as you enter a high speed left hand sweeper and high side you like a rag doll, then you may be inclined to use a kickstand. In a racing enviroment there is a reason MX bikes do not come with kickstands. I would rather look for a tree than get body slammed.

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