Opinions wanted. Best front tire for mud

Hi all. I'm looking for opinions on a front tire. 100% off-road use. Lots of mud, roots and tight low-speed trails.

Suggestions (links to pics would be nice too)?

If it matters I'm going with the big teraflex 2 on the rear.

Thanks :)

If it doesn't need to be DOT approved go with the Michelin

S-12. :)

dunlop 756 :)

go with dunlop 756, it has never let me down!!!!

773 or s12

Bridgestone m-59 or 201 stick well in rocks roots & mud for me. The s-12 works very well and might even be a little better than the bridgestone but when they start to chunk their done in two rides. I've heard good things about the Starcross line also. Wish I took out the camera on sunday. 8 of us were out in the bush and did 50km in 2hrs 19 minutes in the mud,roots,rocks, and snow. I'm still sore :)

Talk about taking chances. I'm ordering case savers TODAY :)

Several people here in the North Wet ride an s12 rear and m12 front.

I've run the S-12, M-12 as well as the D756, D773. All good front tires. Which ever you can get the best deal on is what I run for sand and mud.

check out www.swmototires.com for good deals on Dunlop's

Are any of these DOT? Ive been thinking of putting the tera-flex 2 on the rear also, but i still want street rideability.

Will be riding in from mud to dry to mud, etc.

Dont get a dunlop 739 for the front. This is either the worst tire out there or I just have incredibly bad luck. I had it mounted locally at a race bike shop. First ride out, I got a flat tire.

So, I took it back to the same place and they fixed it up for me again. Yesterday, I went for my first ride, and guess what, another flat tire. :) This tire sucks :) I want my money back so I can get a different tire. Has anybody else had bad luck with flats in the front?? What the heck is my problem???

Oh yea, Im now on crutches and vicodin for my strained/sprained right knee. All because I was trying to limp back to the truck with my flat front tire.

I took a little spill going really slow and twisted the hell out of my knee when the bike dropped out from underneath me. :):p:D Im thinking I might be out a few weeks. Being hurt sucks. I cant even walk :)

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