Long Cane Hare Scramble

Anyone else race at Long Cane on 13 Feb? I was in 4-Stroke C and came in 9th out of 21 riders. I got a crappy start and almost went down twice in the first mile. It took a little finesse to get used to the wet red clay and roots that had a nice sheen of water on them from the morning drizzle. Overall, it was a good course and ended up being 4 laps at 7.2 miles per lap. They routed it differently this year and omitted the "Mud Road", so I was a little disappointed at that, but it was still a good time and besides a touch of the Monkey Butt, I'm not all that sore! :)

I was there and I am in the same class (4stC). I had my worst finish of the year with a tenth. I got a great start and I lead for about 1/2 mile until we caught up to the class in front of us. When the traffic slowed us down people started filtering around me. My hands went to sleep on the second lap and didn't really wake up until sometime in the third lap. At the end of lap three I had slipped to 8th and I was trying to push to make up time on 7th cause I knew he was close. I caught up to two guys and was trying to find a place to get around when the first guy went down and the second guy got stuck in his bike so I made a brilliant decision to try to go through the saplings to get around them. Well, I got hung up right about the time they were both leaving. Then several guys (I guess you were one of them) passed me while I was trying to get out of the trees. This happened with about two miles to go and I never did catch up so I slid through scoring with a 10th.... yay. I just didn't have it this weekend. See y'all at Aonia.

Hey David, I had a bad weekend too. I thought i was going faster than I was. Mid pack start and 11 on the first lap. My arms pumped really bad on the second lap and I thought man am I in trouble. But I relaxed a little bit and thought I was going pretty decent. I was catching a bunch of folks, just nobody in our class. On the last lap a fell about a mile from the finish and about 6 people went by me and 2 of them was in our class. So I was 15th at the finish. And that was staying on the lead lap. Usually in our class if you stay on the lead lap your in the top 6 or 7. Man i'm still sore from that race and it's Wed.! I haven't raced since Highpoint in Dec so my hands blistered up pretty good also! So are you not going to go down to the Orange Crush GNCC? I'm thinking of going just because i've never went down there and raced. I've heard it'll beat you to death as long as it hasn't rained before the race. If not i'll see you at The General.

I was there in vet C got dead last, went down on the first lap and nursed the shoulder the rest of the race, pretty sure I ticked off some fast riders too

SETRA C classes are mostly B riders, in fact in VET C the top 15 all posted B laptimes

I hate starting in 3rd row, and being a real C beginner rider, the first lap I spend most of the time pulled over, I got tired of it, and quit pulling over, I know I made a couple mad, I pulled over only if there was room to keep moving, I stopped pulling over and stopping on the trail, I got hit twice, one of them almost didnt, couple guys that yelled and I let pass fell right in front of me too, that got old.

was the first setra I've ran that was not a mudfest, but man was it rough, very very choppy

I thought the track was good. Well better than last year. Traffic was not any issue, but I went in the woods second out of Vet C. I finished 4th after I crashed on the 1st lap. If they took the top 15 riders from every C class and moved them to B there would be no C class. A beginner should consider riding in heavy trail.

Stephen #168

Benjie, I'm not going to make the Orange Crush... bike needs some tlc and I need to save the $$. See you at Aonia.

Hey guys, I'm in the Long Cane club. Hope you guys had a good time. We worked hard at laying out the trail. Perhaps a little tight but that was payback for Rasaca, Circle J, and Perry. I'm in Vet C running in 7th place and you vet C guys are getting to much practice. Actually, I enjoy racing with you. Looking forward to the next three GNCC's. Aren't they typically 2 hours instead of the Setra 1 1/2 hours. I'm hoping to drop a few of you in the last 30 mins. Looking for that elusive win. Maybe if they will move the top three to B class next year some of us can make a go of it for the win.

Drive them safe and stay out of the trees.

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