Hard Clutch Pull Questions

My 03 450 has just recently started being super hard to pull in the clutch. Here is the facts as of now:

New Clutch Cable

New Oil

Original Clutch Springs

Friction Plates are at the minimum specs for thickness

Any ideas on making it not so hard?

Thanks! :)

Get softer clutch springs from Pro Circuit.

Make sure the cable is not kinked or routed funny. Also is the actuation arm installed correctly to get the proper leverage?

The actuator arm hasnt changed, but what position should it be in?

Its still set like stock. Can worn out clutch plates make it stiffer?

Is your basket all notched up :)

It should be at about a 90 degree angle, you can try moving ot forward or back one position to see if it helps. I dont think the worn plates would make it any stiffer but you should check your clutch basket for wear. The plate could be binding up a bit.

Is your basket all notched up :)

My basket still looks brand new, no notches.

I checked the pressure plate and it is still good. Does the push rod have any bearings that could make it stiffen up?

You can take off the pressure plate and make sure the push rod mechanism is working smoothly. There isn't much to it. The cable attaches to the push lever which pushes the rod through the otherside of the engine when you pull the clutch lever and pushes the pressure plate out to take pressure off the clutch plates. If you already have it apart it isn't much more to take the push rod and push lever out and inspect for wear or damage.

This may sound stupid but have you lubed your cable :)

Sounds like a cable or perch problem. Something must be binding. Did you install the new cable properly? There is a certian way it needs to be routed for it to work propperly.

This may sound stupid but have you lubed your cable :)

Also the pivot bolt at the lever needs to be clean. Mine was hard to pull yesterday and cable lube and a cleaned and oiled perch and now it's great.

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