I am thinking about getting an 05 450sx. Does anybody have any opinions about these bikes. (advantages, disadvantages) Also some opinions on the 4 speed tranny.

its great, love mine

Don't worry about the 4 speed tranny.

My 520SX has a 4 speed, and I am in 2nd most any track, the whole time. My dad will shift into second, third and fourth. (YZ426) I stay in second. The bike has that much, I don't need any more gears.

My 450SX (2004) I was a little worried about the 4 speed - but it almost seems better than the 520! I DO shift the bike a little more, (Never really been out of third yet though), but, I can rev the 450 the WHOLE WAY to the rev limitter, and feel fine about it. THe 520, I couldn't, it felt like it was going to rip me to peices. The 450, I'll stay in the gear longer, so I don't need to shift much. I run stock gering on both bikes.

As far as your advantages/disadvantages - compared to what?

A friend of mine just bought one saturday, he was comparing to the 05 CRF450, no comparison when you look at standard equipment. So far he is extremely happy with it with the exception of the suspension, just needs more time to set it up. Unfortunately he hasnt had a chance to ride it outdoors and has been stuck on and indoor track in the great cold state of Michigan.

Unless you are riding really open trails or down a 5 mile road then dont worry about the 4 speed, my 525 i rarely ever see 4th and i cant see the 450 being much different. If you look at the Yamaha and Zuki 450 they are both 4 speeds also.

I am thinking about getting an 05 450sx. Does anybody have any opinions about these bikes. (advantages, disadvantages) Also some opinions on the 4 speed tranny.

If you find you run out of gears (but you won't on a mx track) you can add 5th and 6th out of an mxc for about $350 in parts.

The 4 speed is perfect for MX, neat thing about this bike is if you want to trail ride, desert race etc, you can add 5th & 6th for abt $300 in parts. try that on a Jap bike.

The 4 speed is perfect for MX

No question about that one. :)

I saw your message and I have an 03 450sx. I changed the Pilot Jet, Main Jet, Exhaust, had the suspention revalved, put the DSP intake on the carb, put a 52 tooth rear sproket and went down one in the front, changed the exhaust and I am really a happy camper now. I Grand Prix and MX. All my buddy's have Honda crf450's I have no problem hangin right in there! :

Awesome bikes!

04 450sx six speed,auto cluch,e-start track and trail, japanese bike eating monster here.

This bike flat rocks. you wont be dissappointed.

I love my '03 450sx Its a great bike for the trail, desert or track! I just changed out my front sprocket from a 14 tooth to a 13, and rode it for the first time yesterday and the thing pulls through 1st 2nd and 3rd like a 5 speed. I am pretty happy with the results. Plus its only a $25 modification.

Yeah my 04 450s got the four speed and i was warned about the strength of it. i havent blown it after alot of flat landings off jumps under load and the 05 it supposed to be a stronger box. i know the 04 is an awsum bike for the bush and track!!!!

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