ktm tools

:) I just bought an EXC525 and need to put together a tool kit to pack with me on desert rides. Can anyone recommend what tools I need to buy?

Did you buy a new one? If so, you should have gotten a nice tool kit with it consisting of a t-handle, a 10/13mm wrench, and some other little tools that are actually pretty good.

Thanks Redrida110, I haven't taken delivery of it yet but didn't think it came with tools and was getting started with ordering accessories etc. Ordered the bike at Christmas and it's still not here!

You'll need a .005 feeler gauge for setting valves. I get the bent tip Motion Pro one that is actually .0047. You'll use the 13mm wrenches and sockets in your tool box more often. 6.8mm spoke wrench would be handy.

Other than that, it's pretty standard tools you'd need for any bike.

I forgot about the feeler gauges and spoke wrench. Good cover jeb. Anyway, almost every bolt on the bike is either an 8, 10, or 13mm. It's super easy to work on too, no comparison. Hopefully you get her soon, the waiting is the hardest part.

The oem toolkit is surprisingly good... actually good enough for trail use (much better than the typical 'rubber wrenches' supplied by the big 4). I especially like the KTM factory beer bottle opener :p:):) . Indispensable for serious bike maintenance!

If my poll on KTM reliability is any indication, this is the tool that you will need the most:


MultiTool Bottle Opener “Multi” is maybe a slight exaggeration, but the cult tool comes in handy for all kinds of things: like opening bottles for instance (and there is a 13mm-wrench tool).

You'll need it for the cold ones to go along with the big grin on your face when you get back from a ride! :) Luckily, it's included in the OEM tool kit. :)

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