04 wr450 stock setup

Can anyone give me some help on setting up my suspension on my wr450? I just bought the thing and I have a desert race this weekend and no clue as to what to set the suspension at. I weigh about 215 with gear on. mostly desert riding.



Well, you did not describe what you are looking for or what you dis-like about your stock setup. I know for a fact that the WR450 48mm forks are very twitchy in the sand washes. I personally would change your oil out to a 7.5 or 10wt and set the oil level at about 150mm from the top. If you are a fast (40-50mph) rider in the whoops, then gewt .46 springs on the front ($99 Eibach or Race-Tech). Also, plat around with your compression and rebound. Speed up your rebound a bit and stiffen the compression a little.

After the race, look into getting your Stock valves re-shimmed. I have to remain non-biased for I have many customers in the suspension industry, but there are more than a handfull of great tuners out there to help you out.

Good Luck and have fun at the races, KaBooM

On my 04 WR 450 i found the rear shock spring to be too soft.

I would suggest setting the static sag and then check the race sag to see if your spring is too soft.

I disagree with 10 wt in the forks. I made the mistake of thinking that .01 fork oil is 10 wt. It is actually 5 wt. I run 5 wt.

I also found that air builds up in the forks making them harsh. I installed some air release valves on the top of the fork tubes. They also help when you have major altitude changes during a ride.

If I were to spend any money on the suspension improvements, I would re-work the forks for a softer intial movement.

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