mods? - what are they realy??

Hi folks,

just got my new - well for me..-2002 E model and I love it!!

I read about the upgrades and changes you are doing and would like to do some too


-where I can understand what these are good for - more power? -How? Better handling-Why?, does it really good bang for the buck??



Welcome, you have the E so your better off then the S owners already.

The E has the better carb that many S users upgrade to.

Take a look here:

Best thing to start with would be protection for you & the bike.

CFC case savers and Unabiker Radiator Guards are a good start.

Did you buy a used one with a plate on it?

Answer to the question Mods?

I took my 01E out on a motocross track for a 1 hour break in ride when I first got it. I was terribly disappointed in the lack of throttle response. Also there was a clanking noise coming from the engine. I thought I had gotten a bad motor. Also the engine ran hot.

The second hour of break in was some easy trails. The compresion braking was so hard I thought I was going to fly over the bars when I chopped the throttle while standing. I also noticed the handlebars sit WAYYY back and down. They felt like they were in my lap, which made the transition from sitting to standing difficult, as well as made me feel like I was leaning way over the front fender.

All this after only 2 hours riding. Here are the mods:

FMF-Q exhaust, re-jet, open air box, 110 racing fuel, BRP tripple clamp, Answer pro-taper bars. All in one shot.

Talk about an instant MAJOR improvement. Acceleration and response were more than noticeably improved. with the 110 fuel the engine no loger made the clanking noise(Pre-detonation), and runs noticeably cooler. Also compresion braking was greatly reduced. With the taller bars moved forward the transition from sitting to standing is smooth and effortless, and it does'nt feel awkward when standing.

I had the suspension re-worked also. The stock suspension is way too soft and really makes the bike difficult to handle in the woods, on single track.

Radiator guards and a skid plate are must have items if you are planning some serious off roading.

no , it doesnt have plate, what is CFC?

Thx for the feedback, i think ill start with skid, radiator gurds and pipe/carb

what is BRP tripple clamp?

no , it doesnt have plate, what is CFC?

Left & right side case covers. You can get them @ the TT store.

Also a good idea to file down your shift lever, it can still cause

a nice dent or crease in your case with the savers if you don't.

Skid, CFC, radiator guards are a good start.

Unabiker has the best radiator guards.



I did two things first off, one was to protect the bike with cfc, wb skid plate and unabiker radiator guards. I also did the rejet with a james dean kit (good for the E/K/R, use the dynojet kit for the S/SR) and 3x3 mod. Without the rejet mine would hardly run, it would spit and sputter and everytime I needed to lift the front up to go over something it would just die.

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