Full vs. Slip

Will you notice a huge difference going from stock to an exhaust slip? From there, is it worth the extra dough for a new header? Personally, I'm pleased with the stock performance but wouldn't mind a little extra noise and power. I'm assuming I'd need to jet with a slip too? I'm not really willing to butcher my stock exhaust either.

Learn me!


I think slip on is a joke and your best to save your money and get a full system.

I got a big gun race exhaust. I wish I would have saved even longer and got at yosh full TI.

Learn me as well. I'm very impressed with the power 2nd gear roll-on's are there and third is out. I'd love to see a bit more mid-top end power in every gear. Will jetting and a slip do this? What about gutting the airbox? Can the stock muffler be made to breath a bit better? what about dropping a gear? I'm totally stock on sea level. Thanks for the input.

Opening the airbox, a slip on, and a bigger main jet worked wonders for my E. It was truly a different bike. I still need to work on the low end jetting, and I'm sure it will feel even different then.

hey dan, the full yosh system is amazing!! i have ridden 5 times since i put it on big diff :) i can climb hills that i couldnt climb before thanks to more power and it is a true thumper now!!! lets hook up again and ride :)

Oh there's nothing wrong with going all the way on your exhaust! I was just curious on if a slip w/airbox and jetting would make a significant difference. Concidering slips are less than $250 and Fulls are $400 and then some. I need to be enlightened!

I'm rocking the Millican Play area today to test out my 14/48 gears!


P.S. I seem to have lost my weekends due to all my monster time-off requests! We'll ride soon Sweet! Las Vegas next week!

Don't even waste your money on a slip on. Do it right or don't bother doing it.

The stock header is smaller in diameter ...there fore the slip is smaller in diameter as well. It is a significant restriction...and you cannot simply remedy it later buying a bigger head pipe later...because in most cases...it will not fit the smaller tubes on your slip on.

Go with a full system for the bigger tubes and don't look back. You will not regret it.

Full exhaust with jetting and 3x3 is advertised to raise your HP by 20%. My butt dyno agrees with these estimates.

Thanks Bill. I was wondering if you could add a header later. That settles that. Now I know where that tax return is going!

Thanks again guys,


Don't forget to think about a spark arrestor on whatever exhaust you buy... Probably stating the obvious, but I know how easy it is to forget the details in a fit of passion! :)

Dan, I'd go with either a muzzy or yosh full stainless system for the money. The muzzy is a bit less expensive and just as good. Neither of these make a slip on that you can add a head pipe to later so either go full or not at all.

Newbie question. I have just bought a new '03 KLX400B (offroad). From my readings of TT I have learded that the B or E version of the DRZ has a larger diameter headpipe already..sooooo......does the "full" exhaust really benefit the bike...or would just a slipon suffice? thanks for any help.

Yes the full system benefits the E as much as the S. The headpipe on the E is only 3mm larger than the S, the muzzy/yosh systems are definately larger yet.

Thanks 10guy :)

I can vouch that the Muzzy is fantastic and very strong, full SS, and it looks good to boot, I would reccomend the quiet insert and Spark arestor, as it is still loud with it and helacious without it, and I didn't see much difference without it.

I don't find the muzzy to be that bad with the quiet core and sa installed, it is louder than stock but not like the yamaha's are.

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