anyone -elec. start "01" 426??

Anyone hear of an elec. start for a 2001 yz426f ?????????????

Is the '01 WR electric start? If so, maybe you can retrofit some parts from the WR?

First e-start WR was the '03 WR450F. Cheaper to buy one of them, and set it up like a YZ, than to try and fit e-start to your YZ426. If it's easier starting that you're after, just fit a YZ450 auto-decomp' cam :)

Unless there's an aftermarket solution for this, forget it. In order to install the WR450 e-starter, you would need to buy all of the starter and starter drive components, the complete WR450 generator and flywheel, the WR450 ignition cover, through which the starter drives, and the WR450 crankcases, which have a machined socket to support the WR starter idler gear shaft not found in the YZ426. Not to mention the battery and wiring. Once your crankcases are changed, you would have to do a bunch of machine work to use your transmission, or spend another $700 for the WR450 trans. That and your cylinder might not fit.

Somehow, it just don't seem practical. :)

There is an aftermarket kit from an overseas company but it is over a grand for the kit.

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