Best speedo...? Chucked stocker-SM setup

Need a good speedo and to still track my miles. Is Trailtech the only game in town?? I chucked my stock clock (in a drawer) due to-SM setup. Some help would be sweet. :)

trailtech is about as good as it gets, although you can't see it in the dark. Aparently they are working on a new version which connects to the bike's power to provide light at night.

The other alternative is to get a modified speedo drive to compensate for the different front wheel. Do a search as someone posted about one the other week.


DenDRZ? Posted the sm speedo part number do a search it will come up.

I talked to TrailTech last week and they said the new one is due to be completed by the end of March (heard that before) :) . I'm waiting for this one to come out.

If they do..I will probably buy it. I am tired of the woefully inaccurate stock speedo. But I gotta be able to read it at night.

am tired of the woefully inaccurate stock speedo

So am I. I have to use my GPS with roll charts cause my stock speedo is so far off. :)

Whanna sell yer stocker?

wasnt there another speedo.... Vero or something like that?

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