Fuel leaking from carby breather pipes

Hey guy's wondering if u can help with a small problem I have on my 97XR400 standard carby. Every now and then it will start to run like crap (wanting to stall) on 1/4 throttle but if i open it up it accelerates OK. I then notice if i stop there is fuel leaking from the top hose off the carby ? It won't stop until i turn the fuel off. But not to happy about this as the fuel leaks straight onto the back wheel when riding..........making for a slippery ride on asphalt. Does it sound like the float getting stuck?

Any ideas appreciated, i am going to pull the carby down for a clean soon. Just got the bike a few days ago....



Sounds like there's too much fuel in the float bowl. Yes, it may be your float getting stuck occasionally. Also, have a look at the fuel inlet needle seat (it's the one that's hooked onto the float at the float pivot pin) - make sure it's not worn.

It may also be dirt in the fuel getting into your jet(s) occasionally - check your float bowl for dirt. Ideally, a "fine" type fuel filter should also be fitted as dirt often gets past the "not so fine" fuel tank filter.


Cheers Stonie426, yes i was thinking the needle seat thingie (cone shaped thing attatched to float) could be worn aswell. And yes my last two stroke had a fuel filter and suprisingly enough I had to change it a couple of times from it doing it's job (filtering crap). Guess I'm up for fuel filter and around 3hrs work to pull carbie down and put back together.

Has anyone seen any good links or pictures on the quickest way to remove the carby, the throttle cable setup looks like the most fiddliest bit to remove. Any advise (trade secrets) on carby removal appreciated.

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