Dumb Carb Question

Let me apologize in advance...My bike will be delivered in a couple of weeks and I have the JD kit, Fuel screw, basically all the goodies coming in to tweak the mix and get everything set up for my altitude and temp. My question is whether or not there is a schematic in the manual detailing where each part is located, i.e. the fuel screw, MJ, Pilot Jet, etc., etc. I found an exploded pic of the carb on the Yamaha parts site, but the labeling isn't exactly definitive. If it were fuel injected like my streetbike, then I could tear into it without hesitation...not to rejet it, of course :). Thanks for the info and the pity for the newbie...SC

Yeah, it does, the manual is pretty complete from front to rear.


Steve, the last 3 Yamahas I've had all come with nice factory repair maunals, not those little operators manuals like everyone else does. They will have everything you need to do anything on the bikes. :)

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