2.50 X 18 wheel

what are the advatages/disadvantages for running a 2.50 X 18 inch wheel?

i found a 2.50 X 18 inch wheel on ebay.

i just want an extra wheel with paddle so i dont have to swap tires whenever i go out to glamis. save me some bloody knuckles :):)

should i run the stock wheel with a paddle or the 2.50 x 18 inch with a paddle?


I ride at St.Anthony sand dunes (once a week) and I don’t like a full paddle, to much traction especially on the lip of a jump. Depending on the sand conditions and your bike, a full paddle will not allow you to climb as well as a tire with less traction; you need to keep the tire spinning and the RPM in the meat of the power. A full paddle will also wash out in the corners when you least expect it. If you are going to use a paddle the 19” is fine; no need to go with an 18”. I am currently running the Pirelli, 110/90x19, MT410. It’s sort of a cross between a knobby and paddle, works great. I am considering changing my rim to an 18” and using a 140/80x18 IRC, M5B. In the sand run about five lbs of pressure and the traction if good enough I see no need to use a paddle. With this setup and there is no need to change the tire from sand to track or trail. Everyone I have spoken with that uses this setup loves it.

One nice thing is for trail riding, provides a lil more torque feeling.

2.50 is real wide. Not sure if I would want that big of a tire on the back of my bike. Sand or not. I dont know if there are any paddles for that wide of a rim....if so it would be a sweet drag bike. :)

It spreads out the tire so that more rubber is contacting the ground at once. Doing this will create more traction and longer tire life.

Some say too wide I say depends on the application. I run a 2.7X18" sun rim on the back of my CR with a 140X80X18 tire on it. Due to that and other stuff I did the old CR is the best mud bogger/mountain goat around. that is before i tried submarining it through another jeep hole. Now it just needs a full rebuild....

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