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WA State - Call for Action

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This was sent to me and believe to be VERY IMPORTANT to pass on:

Guys /gals , you might want to forward this to anyone and everyone whom likes to ride dirt bikes or ATVs. It will basically outlaws backyard riding on your OWN PRIVATE PROPERTY in the State of Washington. I've also included the email that I've already sent to my local reps. The link below describes the bill and also has an option to find out who your reps are based on where you live. From rep contact pages you can email them, feel free to plagurize my response below.


Bill 5089 just recently came to my attention. I am requesting that you oppose this bill and encourage your constituents to also oppose it as well.

Of particular concern is the follow point:

(i) On lands zoned as residential within six hundred feet of another property owner's residence, or within six hundred feet of another property owner's barn, stable, penned area, or similar structure or confined area occupied by any livestock, as defined by RCW 16.36.005, in a repetitive manner or on a track for purposes of recreation or practicing for races, jumps, tests, or similar purposes. A person who is guilty of violating this subsection is subject on the first offense to a fine of not less than one hundred dollars. On each subsequent violation, the person is subject to twice the amount of fine as on the last infraction; and

This tramples all over the rights of rural land owners who bought land out away from densley populated areas so as to avoid these types of problems.

Neighborhood and homeowner associations already deal with these types of issues. People that desire a residential area with more rules governing their behavior, should look for houses in those areas that have these covenants rather than move into the rural areas of this state and start making up laws to suit their personal interests.

Additionally, this bill unfairly targets motorcycle and atv enthusiasts when there are many other potential sources of noise such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, small aircraft, guns, etc.

Please do not let this get rushed into law especially when those most affected have not had their say.

Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for posting this!! I want to add a bit more...

Unfortunately, no one testified against this bill in the Senate Committee on Water, Energy & Environment hearing and it has proceeded on to the Senate Rules Committee.

We still have time act, as many of us did in testifying against the House version of this bill (HB1455) on Feb 11. THANKS to everyone who showed up and testified against this bill!! It was outstanding!!

We now must let every member of the Senate Rules committee know that we want a hearing in the Rules Committee so that we can get reasonable legislation.

Here are the members and phone numbers for the Senate Rules Committee…

Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen, Chair (360) 786-7700

Rosa Franklin, Vice Chair(D) 29 (360) 786-7656

Bill Finkbeiner ® 45 (360) 786-7672

Lisa Brown (D) 3 (360) 786-7604

Mark Doumit (D) 19 (360) 786-7636

Tracey Eide (D) 30 (360) 786-7658

Luke Esser ® 48 (360) 786-7694

Karen Fraser (D) 22 (360) 786-7642

Mary Margaret Haugen (D) 10 (360) 786-7618

Mike Hewitt ® 16 (360) 786-7630

Jim Honeyford ® 15 (360) 786-7684

Stephen Johnson ® 47 (360) 786-7692

Adam Kline (D) 37 (360) 786-7688

Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D) 36 (360) 786-7670

Linda Evans Parlette ®12 (360) 786-7622

Debbie Regala (D) 27 (360) 786-7652

Harriet Spanel (D) 40 (360) 786-7678

Val Stevens ®39 (360) 786-7676

Pat Thibaudeau (D) 43 (360) 786-7628

Joseph Zarelli ®18 (360) 786-7634


Let them know a better, more reasonable bill can be written. A more reasonable bill would allow the use of nonhighway recreational vehicle on private property if they met a 96 decibel sound level, which is comparable to a lawn mower.

The most obvious implication of this bill is that most people like you and I would no longer be able to enjoy riding our nonhighway vehicles for recreational purposes on our private property.

Another implication is that the sales of nonhighway vehicles would be adversely impacted. This would reduce related employment, tax revenue and registration revenue.

Another implication of this bill is that small children would be denied the opportunity to learn at home on private property, which is often a much safer place to learn than public riding areas.

Another implication is that the positive focus that nonhighway vehicles bring for many of our young residents on would be taken away. This presents the opportunity for many of our young people to get connected with other activities, many of which are far more detrimental.

Thanks for your support!!


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Thanks for your response and info.... Hopefully there will be others out there that will take the time to let them know how big of an impact this will really be.... It appears they were only concerned on the impact on enforcement and the legal side. Just as you have suggested, businesses could see a huge impact from the loss of sales which will slow them down or completely remove them off the job market which will greatly affect revenue, along with many other negative impacts similar to the ones you have suggested. We all need to voice our concerns.

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More info. I copied off another board:

I recieved this email below from Devol regarding an attempt to organize off roaders of various sorts to come together and fight for our rights to ride. We always sit around and complain about nowhere to ride, well here is our chance to be heard. Read below and respond to:



We will keep you updated with new information for the rally.

“If not there, where?” is a slogan that we hope will soon be heard in Olympia from hundreds of motorized off road users on March 25, 2005 if the Northwest Outdoor Coalition (NOC) a coalition of dedicated off road vehicle users of every type, has its way.

That is the date that was picked tonight for a Rally/Demonstration in Olympia by this dedicated core group representing motorized users of ATV, 4WD, Rally Car, Motorcycle, Sports Car,

Motocross, Enduro, Poker Run, Play Riders, Trail Riders, Off Road Racers, etc.

These people are fed up with what is happening in Olympia and want to draw attention to it in the mainstream press!

Some of the current things that are going on in Olympia –

Will virtually eliminate your right for you and your kids to operate your motorized off road vehicles on your own private property!

Require special “rider’s licensing” to operate your off road vehicle on public land.

Eliminate any chance of re-opening the only motorized sports park in Western WA (Thurston County ORV).

Steal $1.6 million of your NOVA funds to pay the thief so the thief can repay the victim (YOU).

And Much More!

It will take everyone that this email is addressed to and many more to bring this about. The go-no-go decision date is March 9, 2005.

Enough people will have to step up and promise to attend before March 9, 2005 or this event will not happen and the Legislature will know they can do as they damn well please and continue to trample the off road motorized users as an insignificant minority. You can bet they will know about this attempt in short order!

Volunteers are sorely needed to actively work the various committees RIGHT NOW! This event will require volunteers to step up and staff committees for signage, funding, sign-up, permits, group co-ordination, press release generation, designated spokespeople, etc. and DO IT NOW!

1) Just hit REPLY TO this email now and tell us you will ATTEND this Rally driving your vehicle with your motorized off road vehicle in the back or on the trailer behind, so we can create a list of attendees.

2) FORWARD this email to ALL of your motorized off road user FRIENDS!

3) Send an email to active-offroader@lycos.com to volunteer to help with one of these committees!


Your Northwest Outdoor Coalition

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