That one thing...

This photo would have turned out pretty well, accept for one thing...Me! I had been off the bike for way too long and, even though I got a second place on the new 2005, I was riding with my knees out and elbows down, like a spud. That was during a January vacation back home. I'm back over seas now, so I'll have to correct that once I get back to the states. It always seems like each picture would be really cool, accept for that one thing...With action shots, it's always something. What's your one thing?

The pic link is bad.

Thanks. I shortened the URL. I think that fixed it.

You may need to shorten it some more, still a bad link...

Thanks. I shortened the URL. I think that fixed it.

Still bad. Just post the pic here.

Geez. Sorry guys. It was going through my password and was working for me. I believe I have it straightened out now.

was that pic out at ACP during the SX race? You and the bike look familiar.....#2 (MC wannabe :) ) and #4 (RC wannabe :) ) were pitted with you right? That was a fun race, I have all new respect for the guys that SX race regularly...heck, this track was wimpy compared to what the real boys ride. Even so, I don't think I've ever seen that many riders get hurt in one race.

No, that was actually out at Pima Fairgrounds. It was windy and cold that day, but I was glad just to be home and on the bike. The racing was fun and it wasn't a day where there were a lot of injuries. That's good because a kid got killed at that track a few weeks back. It bummed a lot of people out. Rest in peace kid...



Former military. This time I'm here in a different capacity.

Former military. This time I'm here in a different capacity.

Either way, good luck!!


Thanks buddy. It's almost like a big Special Operations reunion over here. There are a lot of contractors doing good things for their country. It's motivating to see so many good guys stepping up. I'm just glad to ba a part of it.

This photo isn't as bad. It still seems like I should have my elbows up more. I've been looking at pictures of some of the top pros, and they don't really have their elbows up that much in the air either.

I wish she would have taken more shots of me on the ground. Photos and video don't lie. Just about the time you think you're doing it right, video will show you you're still just a regular guy with some faults.

is that mike larocco in the pic???

No, that's not Mike. That's just me, a regular shmo.

well seeing its not mike yep elbows up just a little bit.... looks good other than that

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