Bigger rear sprocket vs. Chain guide

'98 DR650 14t front sprocket, stock chain.....

The Question:

Ive picked up a 45t rear sprocket from Sprocket Specialists and Ive yet to put it on. Just by holding it up to the bike, it looks like when its installed that the chain will interfere with the chain guide(#21/#22). If this is the case do I just take the chain guide off or what?

Also, anyone have any idea if I'm going to have to buy a new chain going from stock 15/42 to a 14/45. I kinduv figured I would have to, but I hate to tear it down then wait for a chain or buy the chain and not need it. The stock chain isn't stretched so thats not an issue. Not a big deal, but if anyones ever tried the swap then they would know.

Ooh. I put the 14T on my '04, and the chain makes a racket that even other riders ask about (riding near me!). The porcelain (?) chain roller guides up front seemed to be the source of the noise, but it's not much better when they were removed, so they're back on.

One possibility is that the chain is too loose; another is that the exhaust is quiet enough that I can hear the chain slap. Which is good.... but that ain't it.

A properly tightened chain will slap some but if its loud enough for other riders to hear? Thats a bit too much. Assuming the noise wasn't there before you changed the sprocket I'd say that somethings loose or rubbing. The chain? Or did the new sprocket come loose? Always use lock tight on the bolts if thats the case! Some riders find that the shim next to the sprocket rubs the chain when the smaller sprocket is installed and has to be ground down. (I have an '01 650 and I didn't grind anything on mine though,5,000 miles on the new sprocket,no problem. Other years may require grinding :) )

The neatest idea I heard is from one rider who installed the shim on a hand drill and spun it on a file to keep it balanced. (I'd give credit if I could remember who said this. :)

The roller guides should be polyurathane and I wouldn't recomend running without them. The chain is gonna rub on something, don't let it be the swing arm.

Finally, I'm not saying that this is the case for you but when my bike was new I heard all kinds of awfull noises coming from it. They became quieter as the bike wore in and I became used to them. These bikes arn't quiet and take a little getting used to.

Enjoy the upcoming season!


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