XR400 Eibach Fork Spring install

I've removed the stock fork spring, dumped the fork oil out and am ready to pour fresh fork fluid in and install my new springs! However, I'm stuck. The replacement spring is about 1" shorter than the stock spring. I have cut the provided black PVC spacer material into 1" spacers to account for this difference. The Eibach instructions say to place a washer on each side of this spacer and not to exceed 10 mm of preload.

My question is where does this spacer go—on top of the spring (just under the fork cap or at the bottom)??? If it goes at the bottom how the hell do you get it down there?

Also my manual shows a spring seat that sits on top of the spring. My forks did not have one (this is the first time they ever been opened). It just had a flat washer. My bike is a 2001 XR400. Should I go to the dealer and get one?

Can you tell I've never done this before? :)



just place the washer between the PVC spacer and the top of the spring.


rookie517 is right, the washer goes between the spring and the PVC washer. I did not use a washer between the cap and the PVC spacer. There is no need for it. when I did mine I made up the washer thickness that I left out with the Spacer but I do not think 1/8" will be noticed in pre-load if you just leave it out. You may end up playing with preload, differant fluid weights and quantities until you find whats right for you. Remember you also have Comp. and Damp. adjustments. I set mine in the middle and adjusted the fluid weight to where I was good with it.

From what I could tell, the spring seat (with the cut out) they show in the manual is for the 96-97, and the post 97's just have a flat washer as the spring seat. I belive it's there to keep the end of the spring from digging into the fork cap. So as long as you have the washer/spring seat between the spring and your pvc spacer, you should be fine.

Thanks for all the help! I'll finish it up tonight.


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