'04 impeller shaft..up&down movement?

replaced the water seal in my '04 last night. No more leakage :)

However, I noticed a slight amount of movement in the shaft (up and down, side to side). Is this normal or does the bearing, shaft, seals all need replaced?


There is some runout in the shaft, but up and down is bad. If thats the case, the bearing in the balancer shaft that the other side of the impeller shaft run in is probably bad.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I've found that the balancer bearing (into which the impeller shaft connects) does tend to wear out its seat. If you take off the case cover, then the balancer you may find that you can wiggle the bearing underneath even with your finger.

I've found that if you remove the bearing and peen around the seat it will hold the bearing much more firmly -- for about 9-10 hours of operation.

Then it will start jiggling again and wear out your water seal (again) -- you'll see coolant leaking out the weep hole. Just replacing the water seal will solve the problem for 1-2 hours of operation (enough for a race, for example) and I have that particular operation down to about 5 minutes :)

Removing the case cover and peening the bearing seat is about a 45 minute job start to finish.

I'm currently in the process of replacing my entire right side case to see how long that stands up.


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