wr450 air box

hello everyone... my 450 went to the dyno today :p;):D:D if you haven't guessed it made good power 46hp first run.. :) then bugger me we took :) the side cover off where the small holes are she went to 49hp.. :D:D:o my question is do i leave it off or do i drill holes in side cover or can i buy one??? any help>>

First I would like to say that those dyno numbers actually reflect my seat of the pants numbers. The post from pro billet had them much lower and I used to ride a Honda CR500R so I knew my bike was making way more than he was showing!!

I wouldn't leave the cover off. There are several options but the most practical is the filtered inserts that you can install on the covers. You punch a hole with a hole saw and then the inserts snap in with a piece of filter material on the inside. I can't remember who makes them but I'm sure someone here will have that answer.

Once we get the answer, I'm going to put some on my bike as well.:):)


White Brothers make an air box vent kit. Drill the holes in the air box and little filters pop in.

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