Street legal (europe)

Hello there...

Anyone here that have tried to make his wr450f (mine is 2003) streetlegal in europe.

Ive everything on my bike that (I think!) is necessary to make my bike SL, but I need certificates(EEC/ECE) of SOUND LEVELS and EMISSIONS... :)

Do you know where I can get these documents???

I bought my bike new from CANADA, and dont have a clue who to contact :)

So I would appreciate if somone out there could help me....

Best reg.



Got mine street legal. You don't need documents. 'Type approval' is not required for enduro and trials bikes as they are exempt (you either need >300mm of ground clearance or a really small tank ~<1 gallon). Our local registration office is most likely full of marcuses and they dont know their own laws. You may need to shout at them a bit.

The things that you need to prove are that you paid your import duty and that it is insured. The other difficulty is verifying the mileage (not an issue for me as i did it from new).

Good luck.

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