Intermittment Power Loss


I was out at the weekend and had a few times where the bike seemed to lose power. It seemed not to be firing cleanly.

I changed the plug which seemed to work ok for 5 minutes then the same thing happened again, with one or two mis-fires. This was all while on the street.

5 minutes later everything was fine, and I then rode for another 50 miles on / off road with no problems, but decided to stay close to home just in case.

If figured its either fuel, carb float, dirty needle or something like that.

Any ideas?



Is this a new bike too you?

Have you jetted it?

Have you disabled the kickstand saftey switch? The kickstand bounce will make the motor cut out.

I highly recomend you read the site.

This is a fairly common question among new posters here. We should have some sort of automatic repsonse. :)

Welcome to the forum!





I've had the bike a few months, and I've put about 1500 miles on it since then. No jetting changes, and the kickstand safety switch is not disabled.

I don't think this problem was caused by the kickstand switch as the bike wasn't revving cleanly when stationary with the stand down as well.



thanks for the link and the welcome.!

My pleasure. You are just starting on the path then. You will find with a few modifications your bike will come alive.

You need to start with the 3x3 airbox mod and jetting. That will help your bike a bunch.

Also...disable that kickstand switch. Once you get in the rough stuff it will be affecting your performance and you will not even notice the kickstand you would never even suspect it as a cause of a problem. Save the trouble and disable it now.

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