Fork adjustment for better steering

I have a 2002 Crf450r and have had it for 2 seasons now but, have always noticed that it is not one for turning well. I know that in 03 Honda changed the rake on the bike and it helped worlds with the conering. I was out at Sleepy Hollow Mx track in PA at the end of the season watching a friend race (and win) and a few riders told me I should slide the forks up in the collars.

My question is, how far is a good amount to lift them and will i notice that much of a difference? I am not a hard core racer but when im at the Mx track riding with my friends I like to be competitive. Thanks in advance FAVE

I slid mine up to the line on the forks, for my '02 CRF. I also had a Storm Link for the rear suspension, which helped more. You can also have a suspension tuner toy with the forks to allow them to dive a little more in the turns to get some bite. These things'll help ya! Good luck.

Ok you got me on that one, what is a storm link? what line are you talking about on the forks? Mine are sitting about 1/4 to 3/8 down from the top.

Sorry. A Storm Link is a replacement for the dogbone section of your shock linkage. It's shorter than stock, which brings the rear up, causing roughly the same geometric improvement as offset Triple Clamps or a better frame.

There's a line across the top of your fork tubes, maybe a half inch down at the most. That's what I was referring to.

I hope that clears it up.

will adjusting it that little make a big difference?

My 2 cents, the link will raise the rear of the bike changing the rake of the forks (angle relative to verticle). The raising and lowering of the forks in the tubes does the same thing (1" = approx. .5 degree). However, there is a limit to how far you can raise the forks before the wheel will contact the fender when the suspension bottoms (not good). Check your manual. Offset triple clamps change the weight on the front wheel (traction) and changes trail. Trail is the distance from the contact point of the tire on the ground to the turning point of the forks. Less offset equals more trail. This affects stability and turning also but in a different way.

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