Future Color of Husqvarna?

I think they should have stuck with Yellow, but used the graphics that the guy here made with the chrome in them. The new Yellow with the old chrome on the tank looked good.

I'm interested in the 510c because of the color. I'm not sure what the price difference is, but that will probably keep me from getting the red bike. The yellow looks pretty good, but it reminds me of husaberg colors too much, not my favorite colors!



I ordered my '05 SM510R in red and white even though I'm 1/2 Swedish. The blue and yellow was too Disney for may tastes.

Nothing against the Italians, I just like the Svedish flag colors better than the Italian colors.

Guys, red and white are the original Husky colors, look back in history.

Very definatly, in the late 60's most where red, 66-68 360s where Maroon, 69 all where red, fenders where silver until 73, then white. Starting in 72 Husky 250 moto cross model was called a "CR" for close ratio.

About this time all the factorys started jumping on identity colors. Nobody fought with Kawasaki for frog green, Yamaha & Sukuki fought over yellow, Honda copied Husky's red and the "CR". In '75 Husky realized they could only loose in the color war with big red so they started using a different color for each model. I was at the factory that year, they rolled out a bike with yellow frame & blue tank. I scoffed heavily, was probubly responsable for that not happening, in hindsight I wish I had been suportive.

Later Yamaha went white, boy those bikes got ugly with use, then went blue as that seamed like the color knobody jumped on.

not to get to picky--but all this talk of old Hondas got me thinking about my racin days at Carlsbad, Ascot, Indian Dunes and the B2V...werent the 1977 models the first red biks for Honda? Both my '78 CR250R and '79 XL 250 were red...but my '74 Elsinore 250 was silver.

i am right there with y'all on red and white for the Husky. retro cool. add a splash of chrome sticker...top it off with black excells!

the motards should cop the 1980 CR390 black and gold colors...stealth with a bit o' bling.

I was pre-running in baja this weekend, and sure enough---the yellow attracted bees when ever i stoped. i'm alergic to bee stings. red and white plastic is on my 'to do' list....

the Husky loved baja...but she's still a pup...needs 16 teeth, bigger tank, taller bars and seat, stabilizer, hand guards, and a proper desert skid plate!

I prefer the red and will be going that way if I can get the cash together to update my '04 to the new bodywork. It will look better in the garage next to my '71 CR400 :)

The new plastic is rather expensive though and I really need to ride an '05 before deciding because I like the narrow seat on the '04.

Nothing against the Italians, I just like the Svedish flag colors better than the Italian colors.

There's a red white and green "tri-colori" version too? :)

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