Boyesen Qucikshot

I installed the Boyesebn Quickshot last night, and I got one thing to say----DAMN!!! Now I had to drill the screw holes out a bit to get it to fit right, and I was a bit distrought about that. I couldn't test it out last night due to the fact that my wife and kids were asleep. So I kicked it over the first thing this morning. First kick and it started like usual. Once that big b*tch was warm, I rolled on to the throttle and waaaaaaaaah----no hesitiation at all. The first second you give it throttle, it responds like baaaaam. If you aren't holding on well when you roll onto the throttle now, you are gonna have to go find the bike when you're finished dusting your arse off. Yeah I was pissed when I had to drill the holes out a bit, but the result was worth it.

Have you done any of the other "bog" fix mods? Are you still running the stock leak jet?

MotoWrat - What size leak jet are you running? What altitude and temp?

I have only removed the air intake cover, had the wire thingy(very technical term) disconnected, and the muffler <choke it to death pipe> removed as far as the engine goes. No leak jet mods or anything like that.

Dude, I am running a #40 leak jet and that by itself has taken care of my YamaBog. The Boyesen cover got my attention since I ride mostly tracks, and I don't like the idea of the AP bowl running dry under stress.

MotoWrat - What size leak jet are you running? What altitude and temp?

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