Chain rivit link

Has anyone have any insight on installing new chain with a rivit master link.?

Getting new chain and sprockets today and would like to do this myself :)

You need the tool. Rent/ borrow one if you can.

i picked up the motion pro rivet kit from TT for like $90

If you are too cheap or don't want to wait you can use a grinder or dremel tool and grind down the rivet and use a punch to drive it out. If you do it that way make shure that it is on the rear sprocket so that it wont have tension on it. I bought the cheap chain breaker from rockymountainatv for 10 bucks while I ordered my new sprockets and chain. I think that the easyest way is the chain breaker. I have done both ways on bigger chains and motorcycle chains and the best/fastest way is the chain breaker. I think that it is worth the money.

You absolutely need the tool to do the rivit

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