Pauma Valley ride

Has anyone ever riden through pauma Valley. It is directly north of Ramona. I have seen dual sports go down into the valley and just return right back up. This was after a big rain, and some roads were closed(gates locked) but the area looks really fun and open. Just looking for reedback here!!

I live in Ramona, been here since 1974,I used to ride all over that area, you could get to Black canyon to the east or go the back way to hwy 78 to the west. The west area is now a shooting area, I would not ride up there any more. You could go north for a couple of miles to a quartz mine and there was a east road that takes you to a bunch of old cabins with a pond and some huge wild blackberry bushes, we used to go deer hunting and fishing there in the 70s, Anyway last time I rode back there every road had a new impassable style gate. Sorry, seems like every time I go to a place I used to Dual sport the area is either closed or fenced off. To many danged people here now.

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