2005 450 Stand Bog

I haven't been able to actually ride my new bike yet but it seems to have a pretty heavy duty bog off idle sitting on the stand in neutral. This is my fourth big YZ thumper so I'm not new to the carb issues these bikes can have but I'm worried. Anyone else with a 2005 have the same issue. Does it have anything to do with the ignition mapping while in neutral? Thanks in advance for any input.

Simple test. Take the bike off the stand, put it in gear, and see if it still does it. If, as I suspect, the problem "goes away" under these circumstances, it's the ignition's neutral mode doing it. In neutral, the timing is changed to make the bike easier to start, for one thing, and it's also part of the origin of the "Red Header" phenomenon. The rev limit also drops to about 6500. Don't worry about it. There's no point to having it run like an F1 engine in neutral.

Duh! That's to simple. Thanks for the idea! I'm gonna try it tonight.

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