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DNR to close P5000 area!

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We were up there riding last Friday and one of the DNR guys informed me that they would be shutting the area down soon due to abuse, and Reiter would become a designated and patrolled ORV area. (They are hiring one person to patrol, Walker, Reiter and the P5000 for now!)

As we packed up bikes to leave, two guys came blasting out of the trail looking for gas as they had just come over from the Sultan Basin side. This is one of the problems they have been having. The roads beyond the gravel pit at the Spada Lake overlook have been tanked trapped and posted for some time, but people still abuse it.

There was also a donkey carcass dumped on the side of the parking area that did not make them too happy!

One of the reasons we rode during the week is the number of people up there on the weekends is crazy! Not to mention quads blasting down the road three abreast. I would rather see it left open and the quads ride there leaving some of the othere areas four wheel free.

With Thurston, Juniper and now P5000 being shut down, the pressure on all remaining areas will grow and cause more accidents and abuse there.

The Northwest riders need to get active to save our riding areas. :)

I haul out at least a contractor bag of trash from the parking areas everytime I ride just to trying and make a difference. The Stumpjumpers and now Mulisha are organizing clean-ups and trail work. More need to do the same.

Take a stand, join a club, AMA, bend over and pick up some trash, tell that guy to put on a helmet or quite his bike down. If we don't we might as well all meet once a week at Moses Lake as it will be the only thing left!



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This sucks. I just got back into dirt riding and was planning on checking that area out soon because it's not too far from Everett. When I was a kid, I used to ride in Roslyn, which eventually was closed down. Rode at Thurston a couple times back in the day, too. More and more areas getting closed all the time these days. :)

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Just South of Granite Falls. Menzel lake area.

I didn't know it was possible to ride all the way out to Spada from there? Off-limits though?

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So are they really going to close the area? I got a chance to ride there last weekend and I really enjoyed it; didn't get run over by any quads like everybody seems to complain about either. It's a nice switch from the tighter trails around Western Washington, plus it's one of the closer areas to where I live in Everett, it'd be really disapointing if they shut it down. While I was there last weekend a deputy drove up in a truck asking if we'd seen some punk kids riding down the street on their dirtbikes...argh, don't people realize that when they do stupid sh!t like that they're going to ruin it for everybody?! Sorry, dumb question, of course they don't.

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Ok, who's the jack ass that dumped the Donkey :)

Why do the bikers always get blamed for the dumping? Like we all take a dead animal or refrigerator with us everytime we ride and dump it :)


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I'm not sure that these things really happen because of a few stupid riders. I think that may be the excuse conveniently used by DNR and BLM. There will always be stupid people connected with every activity under the sun. That is no reason to punish the majority because of the minority. The real truth more likely has to do with the liberal ruling powers not liking motorized sports due to Green beliefs. They are going to impose those beliefs on us no matter what.

They are looking for excuses and the sad thing is there are those dumb enough to give them the excuses. What would be more fair is to implement a program under which we could police ourselves and turn in violators so that they would be punished rather than the law abiding riders.

We need to ask ourselves the question "Would I be willing to turn in a fellow rider if he was flagrantly violating the rules even after being warned?" Even if we all could answer yes to this question, would it do any good? Would the authorities with the legal power to enforce a punishment be able to do so after we turned someone in. The answer is very likely "NO". They would need to witness the violation in most cases. As a school bus driver I turn in license plate numbers of those who drive recklessly on our streets or who may even run my bus stop sign. They receive a letter in the mail from the proper authorities telling them they were observed doing this or that. That is about the extent of what can be done. There are many good legal reasons for that.

Or better yet, put more officers in our riding areas who can catch these violators and enforce the rules. But this would cost more tax money and we are not high on the priority list for tax monies. Even the money they take from us for trail maintainence is stolen and not used only for that purpose.

In the end our only recourse is to unite and put our money and time and our mouth to the task of protesting and challenging this unfair treatment we as a group are receiving. We are going to have to jump into the political and legal arenas and fight. This will require organizational unity and money. How many of us are members of the NMA, BRC, AMA and other groups dedicated to protecting our sport? How many are not only members but also send contributions to the legal defence funds of these groups?

And finally we all could be a part of the education process. Many riders may be out having a good time never considering that what they are doing is wrong or will be used against our sport by the liberal green politicians. It is up to us to be a part of the education system of all riders. When we see someone doing something wrong maybe they just don't know better.

It's easy to talk about all this but quite another thing to expend our time, money and energy to do it. I am as guilty as the next guy for not doing all I can. When I read that a fellow rider picks up others garbage in an effort to help the cause it makes me feel guilty that I have not done the same. Let's hope that in the coming years we can unite and begin to make a difference. It is a lot easier when you are not alone.

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