Aluminum Fuel Tanks (front and rear)?

I saw online where one company that offers bike rentals for the European style desert rallies has modified 650's with aluminum front and rear fuel tanks to carry enough fuel to cover the distances required of desert rallies. The only option for this type of racing that I was aware of previously was the IMS Sahara and Acerbis under seat rear tank. Try as I may, I can't find any other reference to these aluminum tanks online. Any suggestions as to where I can find more info, or perhaps they were custom fabs?

Thanks. makes some huge aluminum tanks and fairings for the 650R...up to 10 gallons/40litres...

there are a number of fabricators who can do it. Challenge 75 in Paris is a good one for that kind of stuff...

dont forget Aqualine in Australia--they have a very innovative 10 gallon tank for the 650R that bolts the two sides together...its cool.

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