Rad Shroud Repair?

Over a full season of good riding and many laydowns, the lower mouting point of my radiator shrouds are nearly worn through :) ... Does anyone have a suggestion to reinforce this nearly perforated plastic. Since the blue plastic is hard to find, I'd really like to get another season out of 'em. I was thinking of JB Weld, but it doesn't list plastic as a repairable material. I don't want to try something only to fail and leave it contaminated for further attempts Anyone with a proven fix? :)

No proven fix, but Shoe Goo, Household Goop, Plumbers Goop, or one of the various names for the same product works well. It adheres to the plastic and remains slightly flexible and is very tough

If your not worried about the cosmetics of it...why bother fixing it at all?

I would just get a new set of shrouds. Acerbis makes them...and probably in blue.

Not sure about the softer plastic but on the more rigid plastic found on sport bikes (and the tengai) they make a plastic repair product that works very well. You can even build it up to make new tabs etc.

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