Is $3200 a good price for a 2003 DRZ250 with a full Yosh system?

I am going to look at it this afternoon...

Sounds like you picked it up. Must have been a good price. I hope your son loves it.

It seemed reasonable given the current msrp and the shape it was in. It seemed to run a little wierd, kind of loaded up and not very fast revving hopefully jetting? Maybe its cause Im used to the bigger bike...

They used to have used motorcycle book values on but I dont see it anymore. Unfortunately running on blind faith... Gonna try to do some more research today. Havent actually exchanged the cash for it yet, gave the owner a check to hold it. These things are hard to find so I figured we should jump on it.

We cant wait to start tinkering with it.

Sounds like a good deal to me! I bought my 2001 last April and paid $3000. It was all stock, but in excellent shape. They are hard to find used. I put a dual sport kit on mine, so I can ride in the street. I think it is a perfect dual sport bike (not that good for the highway, though). has used motorcycle values.

I just found the NADA site. Looks like we paid about $200 below what it may have been worth. He unded up taking $300 even and the the NADA site says 3260 for it in good shape.

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