05 Ktm 525 Jetting Problems !!!

Hi Guys,

Just bought a 05 525 exc i have run it in and i have fitted a full akro system (the one out of the hard parts catalouge) it is struggling for something and back firing like a good one.

I have been told that these exhausts make it run rich so i am after some tips on what to do to make it run better,

Any replies will be much appreciated,

Thanks. :)

The pilot & main jet are fine, the needle in these carbs has one purpose in life, that is to get the bike imported into different countries, once there the needle needs to be changed. The Kehein selection has some reasonable options, one called an OCEMN is workable but still not 100%. The best option is a kit built by jdjetting.com, this is the only way to get it 100% right.

The poping you are experiancing is most likly a exhaust leak at the cylinder head. The comon cure is to remove the pipe, put a coating of hi temp silicone sealer on the inside of the front conection, reinstall and let it dry overnight before running the engine.

I agree with Dave, the problem is probably a needle and the JD Kit on my 520 sure made it right! Insert and roost.

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