05 525 exc jetting problems !!!

Hi Guys,

What will the best jetting set up be for my new bike,it is standard apart from a full akro system(the one in the hard parts catalouge) do these exhausts make it run rich or lean,it seems to back fire all the time especially when coming down through the gears.

What gear do you get in these JD jetting kits?????


satsuma525. :):):p

Start off with the JD Jetting kit. The kit contains 4 main jets, 2 specially designed triple tapered needles and detailed instructions. Personally, with my '04 525 EXC I prefer the red (leaner) needle in the 3rd or 4th slot from the top and a 168 or 170 main jet for elevations between 1000 to 10,000+ feet elevations. Runs perfectly with minimal backfire after hi temp silicone sealing the exhaust and muffler.


If your exhaust pipe is leaking at the cylinder to headpipe, the popping will be difficult or impossible to stop with jetting. Look for black soot around the cylinder flange.

See the bottom 2 pictures at- http://www.pbase.com/jdjetting1/ktm450exc&page=all

Th jetting kit will help reduce popping and possibly eliminate it if the exhaust pipe flange is well sealed.



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