99' VOR 503e is for sale...

If you want to sell some things seperate, I may be interested in the graphics, the skid plate and possibly the kickstand.

Let me know.

Geez, you had a lot of bad luck with it,

sorry bud.

nevadaoutlaw: Can you make a photo of the whole graphics with a gauge? I like to make custom graphics and I need dimensions of stock graphics. Please :)

VOR Dude, if you are interested in the stuff you mentioned let me now. I will cut you a deal. E-mail me at nevadaoutlaw@yahoo.com

If you're breaking it, I'd be interested in the seat and the top igniyion coil( thats the little red box that HT lead connects into above the front fender) but i need to know pretty quick, i might be interested in the graphics too!

Thanks Steve

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