Broken WR 250 Headlight!

Why is it that I can race my bike for seasons at a time and never break anything then the second I try out someone else's bike I break it (guess that's what I get for sneaking up on a TM250 in the rocks :) ) . Can someone please give me an alternative to the $100 the dealer wants for a stupid bulb? :)

Yes, I had the same problem. Get the Acerbis Diamond headlight, I busted my glass one and the stocker and they wanted to rape me for the OEM. The Acerbis is about 25-35 less I think and looks killer!! You will have to wire it in, but it tells you how.

see below for the finished product on my bike.


By the way, I got it at Dennis Kirk Or of the 2.

Thansk for the idea but this isnt my bike! I need to return the bike like I got it. What I'm looking for are ideas for cheap headlights that will fit or an aftermarket company that sells the lens alone.

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