Fork Cap Size?

What size socket or crescent wrench would I need to unscrew the fork caps without a fork wrench? Any ideas where to find one?

A big one :):) ....socket works nicely...sorry, I don't remember the size....

50mm for the very top.

Don't forget about the damper though.

I forget the size on that one..... 27? or 30 ish?

And the 50mm is an 8 sided hex not the normal 6 sided

Thanks for the replies, guys. :)

Motion Pro makes this tool. It is about $22.00 at my local Honda store, or buy it through TT.

Believe it or not, I made my own today! Just some Home Depot strap metal, and a good ole dremel. . . I'm draining my forks as I speak. :)

the spark plug wrench that came with my sons kx65 works for the damper nut

Yes, the fork caps are 50mm. And, I think by damper wrench he means on top of the fork, not the bottom damper rod nut. If so, I used my huge socket that I bought for the rear axle nut. I think it is a 1 1/4" hex socket. Or maybe it was a 1 1/8"....I'll have to look. Anyway, if you have a socket for your rear axle nut, it fits perfectly. :)

I know you have the answers but here are the sizes.

50mm Fork Cap (8 sided)

32mm Fork Cap Inner Cartrage

21mm Damper Rod (Bottom of fork)

22mm Front Axle

32mm Rear Axle

When re-assembling the forks be sure to torque the 21mm damper rod nut (bottom of forks) to the damper rod (17mm jam nut). The tourque in only 16ft/lbs and I have seem numerious ones stripped. The damper rod is aluminum and the 17mm jam nut is steel.

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