The poster came in, looky looky!


Here I circled the part number in photo paint...


:) Sorry guys I think this part number only works in Canada. There is a french version of the poster on the back. yes I know..." :) "

Part number 20000-MOTPO-BIL

If somebody sees a poster like this in an american shop then grab the part number and post it in here.

I notice it says 310mm disv and 4.5 rear rim

Burned was saying the book he had at the dealer also

listed a 310mm brake and 4.5" rear rim.

Cool poster, except for the rollerblade rail slide guy,

and maybe the word extreme spelled with an X.

ahhh! what's up with that darn rollerblader??!

He's a target for the drz. Like 10 points if you do a slide into him and knock him over. :)

Like 10 points if you do a slide into him and knock him over.
:p:) 20 if you are doing a wheelie and connect the skid plate to his face? :)

yea well 30 if you slide your exhaust pipe into his mouth and blow him up like a baloon. Like in that crappy arnold movie where he goes to the red planet.

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