Where to buy new valves for YZ426


I need a set of new valves for a 2002 YZ426 rebuild. What to buy and from where? Links please. :)


Not to be a smart a$$, but how about a Yamaha shop.

If you want Yamaha OEM valves, cycle-parts.com is the cheapest place I could find. They have a minimum order of $100 though.

blackdiamondvalves.com is kibblewhite.

Not to be a smart a$$, but how about a Yamaha shop.

Naee here in Denmark you must pay a truck load of money for Yamaha parts! And i want another brand, they should last longer and not brake in half like 3 of the last did. I tell you that´s making a great mess in peoples engine! :)

Thanks for the replies, i will have a look on it. :)


We sell all the Kibblewhite stuff and not at retail. :) And, we ship internationally.

You´r the man! :)

Will do that.

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