YZ needle in a 2005?

Anyone try the YZ needle in their 05 WR yet? NFLR I believe...Just curious if it would offer more low end snap? Thanks :) I'm currently running a JD needle and all the free mods+more not free mods :)

What is wrong with your current JD jetting set up?

No snap down low? bog? If you are jetted right your bike should snap wheelie from 8 mph idle just by wacking the throttle open. :) Fuel screw position, Pilot jet, Leak jet and needle clip position all play into this set up. :)

Just bored :p I need to buy twenty needles and jets before returning back to JD's needle. The bike snap wheelies fine through third gear and I'm 220 pounds. :) I like to find reasons to work on the bike, and my wife leaves me alone while I'm working on the bike. :)

I got 13 needles in total and have not found anything to beat the triple taper JD needles. I spent the first 3 months rejetting the bike daily trying to learn and tune the infamous FCR carb. :) I would kill for a decent programmable fuel injection system! :)

Ditto..spent six months tuning the FCR on the 400..It was a great learning experience. After it was all said and done, went to JD's blue needle so I could start the bike cold :)

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