TTR 125LE 2005 Gas Milage On A Tank

Has anyone tested to see what kind of milage you can get from a full tank of gas on the ttr 125le it has all the mods.It has a Pro Circuit pipe-silencer,cut air box,free flow air filter,and the bigger jets installed.

I will appriceate any help this bike will be used in enduros by my daughter.I am looking for a 30-35 mile range I hope. :)

You should get more than 35 miles on the tank. Probably more like 50.

Had one myself..........expect like 60-70 miles

i've gone 70 miles on a bike with similar mods with alot of it going fast on fire roads and still had quite a bit of gas left.

54 miles no problem on my 05 with jetting, airbox mod and filter, and exhaust, all in one day on trails and about 15 miles of fire roads with gas pissing out whenever i wheelie

i get alot to my tank i also have a ttr125 and i can ride the whole day and not have to fill up and still have some left in the tank!!

Thanks guys for the help. :)

the people we were riding with were in a diffrent staging area a few miles down the road.

I am just messing with you man...........

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